featuring guest facilitator Jenn Pamela Chowdhury

Celebrating Our Becoming in 2022 While Emerging into 2023:

A Workshop, Practice, and Gathering

As we approach the final few weeks of the current year, we often enter a space of deep reflection.

What have we lost?

What learnings have we invited into our lives?

Who are the collaborators who helped support our journeys?

When did we experience the excitement from a new beginning/habit/story?

And the hurt from an ending?

And as we collectively step into a new year, we build within us a sense of possibility. What are the ways we will shift towards new ways of being, feeling, and thinking that are aligned with our deepest purpose? And how will we get there?

Join us as we gather as a community to celebrate both cycles - the ending, the beginning - and share our stories of joy, grief, hope. and possibility.

Wednesday, December 14 @ 8:00-9:30 PM EST/ 5:00-6:30 PM PST

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about guest speaker:

Jenn Pamela Chowdhury

Jenn Pamela Chowdhury (she/her) is an embodied leadership coach, healer, and founder of In Full Bloom Coaching. Through her 12 week 1:1 private coaching program, professional development workshops and community events, she helps Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and/or immigrant leaders and communities access the freedom to become more self aware and self responsive daily, so they can lead more authentic, boundaried, and loving lives.

She's helped 300+ clients find their own authentic voices; learn to embrace change and find safety within their bodies; alchemize their anger, shame and resentment into sources of wisdom; listen and honor their deepest desires; launch new initiatives, careers, projects and much more.

Her tools and teachings have led to new career paths; powerful conversations with managers, family members, and peers; the activation of personal healing journeys; creative projects; the release of deeply held old stories and limiting beliefs and more. She synthesizes best practices in anti-oppression work, embodied leadership, and holistic healing through storytelling to execute uniquely powerful spaces. Jenn has led workshops for social impact organizations, companies and academic institutions, including the NYU Bay Area Club Alumni Network and the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

A certified meditation practitioner and Reiki Level II practitioner, Jenn writes and speaks regularly about decolonizing the social impact space, the human spirit, healing, embodied leadership, immigration, mental health, social justice, poetry and other topics for Medium and her work has been featured in Thrive Global, Barnard Magazine, in the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics and at social impact organizations around the world.

She loves storytelling and has performed for The Moth and written and performed monologues with artist collectives, including the Aseemkala Initiative and Yoni ki Raat, on topics such as mental health, social justice and immigration at the Bowery Poetry Club and other venues.

About AAPIs for DEI

This event is for AAPI identifying folx to meet and be in community together.

The DEI space can be a lonely journey and we know that being solo is unsustainable. When it comes to equity work, community is a need to have not a nice to have and the purpose of these events is to help you find your people.

I like to call these meetups alternative networking events as the way people tend to network is transactional and often leads by qualifying people based on what we do and where we work. I prefer to know who you are, what drives you, what you care about and lead my networking events with a friends first approach.

I believe that deeper conversations lead to deeper connections which can accelerate relationship building and the intention of these meetups is to connect people through thought-provoking dialogue. Our hope is by convening folx with a shared identity as AAPIs, shared values in DEI, and a shared purpose of making the workplace and our world more equitable that you might connect and possibly meet your next collaborator, mentor, partner, or bff and from there magic can happen and liberation is possible.

This is an event for AAPI identifying folx who do work in or adjacent to the DEI space. This includes but is not limited to:

  • External DEI consultants

  • Internal DEI professional role holder

  • Asian ERG leaders

  • DEI champions w/o official DEI titles

  • Emerging DEI professionals looking to transition into DEI

  • Supporters doing adjacent work to corporate DEI such as coaches, healers, therapists, social justice educators, artists, creatives, creators, etc.

  • Other - Anyone I missed who is curious about DEI

About Your HOST

Carissa is a second-generation Filipina-American daughter of immigrants. She is a business and leadership, and life design coach and founder of CONSCIOUSXCHANGE, an equity-focused coaching and consulting company with a mission to support the social, political, and economic advancement of racialized communities by helping BIPOC entrepreneurs launch and scale their own businesses and BIPOC professionals claim their seat at the table and lead from within.

Carissa is the former head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) of Zappos and has over 15 years of experience working on both the operations and the human side of business.

She holds a coaching certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with sixseconds.org and is a requested speaker and facilitator on life design, EQ, entrepreneurship, leadership, and Asian American identity.