Attention BIPOC Entrepreneurs!

Design a Life of liberation with time, location, financial & occupational freedom

Build the necessary foundations in your business that will allow you to reach your first 6-figures or multiple 6-figures without burnout.

Entrepreneurship is my path to liberation and paying it forward is my activism.

Hi, I’m Carissa, I'm a Business Coach and Expert LinkedIn Strategist for BIPOC entrepreneurs.

I believe that entrepreneurship is the path to equity, that rest is resistance, that being surrounded by family/friends is freedom, and life design is liberation.

I know what it's like to be the FIRST, the ONLY, the OTHER and I'm on a mission to help BIPOC entrepreneurs imagine and create their liberatory futures by building their own wildly successful businesses.



There are only THREE things you need to create a successful business: 1) A PRODUCT people want 2) MARKETING to create visibility to your product 3) The ability to SELL the product

All businesses need a solid foundation and you need to create strategies and systems for your PRODUCT, MARKETING, & SALES to work together.


  • Design and confidently price a valuable and in demand product offer.

  • Go from having zero presence to an established personal brand on LinkedIn.

  • Learn to love sales calls so much that you walk away laughing and smiling with each conversation.

It is ABSOLUTELY possible to build your business to $100k and beyond and to succeed on your own terms. I'll teach you how to make it happen.

1:1 Private Coaching Includes...

Weekly 60-minute Calls

Sometimes you need consulting to develop a strategy and be taught how to implement it. Other times you need coaching to work through mindset blocks. We'll work through the operations and the emotions that come with being a founder.

Slack and Voxer Access

Once a week support isn't enough. You'll have access to me in between our weekly calls when you need help with homework, your inner critic needs quieting, or have an urgent question about how to price a proposal for a dream client. You're not alone anymore, I got you!

Worksheets, Templates, and Tools

Learning how to do something for the first time can be challenging. You'll receive copies of the exact tools and spreadsheets I use to run my own business so that you don't have to start from scratch. Need an offer builder, content planner and prompts, sales scripts? Done and done.

Direct Feedback on Your Work

Share with me your marketing assets, social media posts, landing pages, proposals, pitch decks, 1-pagers, pricing models, product suite, sales call recordings, etc. in a dedicated Google Drive so I can give you feedback on how to make each element of your business even better so you can continue to find, sign, and serve more dream clients.

Access to My Network of BIPOC Entrepreneurs

Community is a need to have not a nice to have when running a business and I'd be honored to share your business with my people. You'll have opportunities to be featured in the CONSCIOUSXCHANGE directory, LinkedIn Live and Audio events, emails and LinkedIn newsletter so my audience can learn more about you and your work.

If you have more questions, book a call with Carissa here.

This Is For

BIPOC Entrepreneurs who are:

  • Coaches, Consultants, Creatives, and Contracting Online Service Providers/ Freelancers who are confident in their skills but are unsure how to monetize their expertise.

  • New BIPOC entrepreneurs who are ready to leave their 9-5s in the near future, START their own businesses, but are unsure what to do first.

  • Experienced BIPOC entrepreneurs who are ready to GROW their businesses to their first $100k in annual sales without wasting any more time, money, or energy spinning and trying to figure it out.

  • Seasoned BIPOC entrepreneurs who have have successfully made their first 6-figures in business and are ready to build a team, a signature group offer, and SCALE to multiple 6-figures.

  • Socially and culturally aware BIPOC entrepreneurs who are tired of working with white coaches who don't have culturally relevant experiences and are looking to work with a fellow BIPOC coach who actually understands them.

  • Purpose-driven BIPOC entrepreneurs who are moving away from toxic capitalistic practices, who understand the importance of balance between work and well-being and want to build a business that integrates both.

This Is NOT For BIPOC Entrepreneurs who:

  • Think of their business as a hobby and aren't serious about creating a full-time source of income.

  • Are just dabbling with the thought of becoming an entrepreneur and don’t have specific idea what they want to build.

  • Don’t understand the value of coaching and learning from someone who's done it before and who prefer to try and figure it out on their own.

  • Subscribe to hustle culture, are not ready to challenge toxic capitalism, and explore alternative ways of doing business.

  • Want to make fast cash and are not ready to put in the work.

  • Are afraid to put themselves out there and talk to people about their business. The business won’t sell itself.

What Clients Have To Say...

So grateful. I have had nothing but back to back calls, new business, new business, and new business.

"I literally got a call impromptu call about creating a hub for BIPOC kids in the Valley. And then one of my existing clients who I haven't talked to in a couple of weeks just reached out to me. I have five parents that I'm going to meet with for new business as well. I am just so in awe of how kind you are and what an amazing coach and friend you are. You're freaking phenomenal, phenomenal. And I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. And just thank you for being an ultimately good human. Thank you, Carissa, because you have been a good human to me. Just thank you. I just wanted to put it out there as love and encouragement that you're a phenomenal person and phenomenal people are surrounded by phenomenal people. Grateful to be in your circle."


North Star Academics


In Full Bloom Coaching

What I loved most about our coaching relationship is that it's results oriented. I was able to set up 4 sales calls and secure 2 clients; this all happened a few weeks ahead of my planned launch date!

"Before I started coaching with Carissa, I felt stuck with where I was in life. My coaching business was just a dream at that point. I had a strong lack of self trust. But it was also about working with the RIGHT coach, someone who is BIPOC and truly understands my experience and can coach me across a number of areas, through a holistic, equity based lens. Carissa’s coaching really changed so many parts of my life. Carissa is BRILLIANT, badass, a boss, deeply ambitious, full of compassion and a powerful activist. She lives her truth and that's really important to me.”


In Full Bloom Coaching

I feel more confident in myself, in my offerings and the future of my business because of my work with her.

After giving birth to my little one I knew it was now or never if I was going to start my business, but I had no idea where to start and trying to do it on my own want not working. I needed help! I am so grateful I found Carissa. I gravitate to her experience as a woman of color and her framework. Carissa pushed me and challenge me just as much as I needed. She provided guidance, advice and tools to figure out what I wanted to do with my business. Really developing my niche. She then worked with me on marketing my business. All the essentials as a new entrepreneur. I feel more confident in myself, in my offerings and the future of my business because of my work with her. She never sugar coated that it would be work, what she did do was believe in me and encourage me.


Rosa Reveulta Consulting

My Purpose, My Why

I’m a 2nd generation Filipina American daughter of immigrants and the first in my family and friends to become an entrepreneur.

I created CONSCIOUSXCHANGE because I couldn't find a BIPOC coach or a business community of BIPOC entrepreneurs, especially ones that centered my values as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, & Belonging professional.

I wanted to be with people who understand what it's like to navigate running a business as a person of color with all the generational barriers as a immigrant or child of immigrants, and without anyone in their social circles to show them the ropes.

So in true Carissa fashion, when you can't find what you are looking for, you build it yourself.

Since starting my business, I've become a sought after public speaker charging 5-figures for my speaking engagements having spoken at organizations such as Calendly and Eventbrite.

Not seeing a lot of entrepreneurs who look like me and a need for more BIPOC coaches and consultants to share their stories and offer support from their lived experiences, I now teach other BIPOC entrepreneurs how to also start, grow, and scale their own businesses to $100k and beyond.

As a former Director of Operations as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach, my experience spans across both the operations and human sides of business.

With my consulting hat, I help my clients build spreadsheets, systems, tools, and processes to help them run their businesses more smoothly. With my coaching hat, I also help my clients level up their mindset with EQ tools and practices to help them achieve their big audacious business and life goals.

I truly believe entrepreneurship is the path to liberation and my mission is help more BIPOC entrepreneurs design and create their own liberatory futures through building their own businesses.

Ready to create the path to your liberatory future?

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