LinkedIn Lead Gen for BIPoC Entrepreneurs

How to Find your Dream Clients on LinkedIn:

A behind-the-scenes look at our own LinkedIn lead generation strategies

A lead generation powerhouse where you can forge lasting connections with your target audience.

As two women of color entrepreneurs, we totally understand how leveraging LinkedIn can feel overwhelming - especially because of its connotation as a traditionally "professional" platform … whatever that means! 

Are YOU facing any of these issues when trying to find leads on LinkedIn?

  • You know your ideal clients use LinkedIn, but you feel uncomfortable sending people a cold DM

  • You’re sharing content regularly, but it isn’t converting into clients or revenue 

  • You’re nervous about sharing your authentic opinion or perspective for fear of repelling potential clients

  • You feel inadequate because you don’t have as many followers or ‘cred’ as other consultants/coaches in your niche on LinkedIn

  • You’re not sure how to stay top of mind with potential clients on LinkedIn, beyond just posting content

  • You’re used to being the first, the few, the only … and LinkedIn feels like a mirror of corporate spaces you’ve left behind

Both of us have used LinkedIn to generate 6-figure businesses and inspire positive change.

It's not just male, pale, stale on there - we promise. The people who are FOR you are lurking on the platform, waiting to be inspired by your lived experience, passion, and credibility.

Most importantly, they’re looking to work with someone they trust

What You'll Learn

#1 Introductions and our individual LinkedIn stories

Learn how we leverage LinkedIn for our business. The good, bad, ups and downs.

#2 Tactics we’ve used to find leads/clients on LinkedIn

  • Various types of live events 

  • Sparking conversation from comments and polls 

  • Creative ways to find new, aligned friends 

  • Combining LinkedIn lead gen with in-person conferences/gatherings

#3 Sharing real examples, screenshots, scripts

Get real examples of what we've done on LinkedIn to get good quality leads

#4 Dealing with internalized characteristics of white supremacy culture

LinkedIn feels like a very white space. We'll talk about this including perfectionism & imposter thoughts

This Workshop IS for you if...

  • You’re a BIPoC entrepreneur (either emerging and established) like a coach, consultant, or service provider. 

  • You want to create a sustainable pipeline of engaged leads using LinkedIn

  • You're curious about moving past perfectionism to start building authentic, human relationships with your dreamy clients

  • You're ready to step into the arena and make magic happen in your business! 

This Workshop IS NOT for you if...

  • Your #1 goal is to find a full time job on LinkedIn - not grow your business

  • You have a product-based business

  • You consider your business as more of a hobby and not a serious viable stream of income

  • You are comfortable with your current client load or pipeline, and you're not in a position to put in the work to generate more leads


Hi, I'm Carissa

I’m a 2nd generation Filipina American daughter of immigrants and the first in my family and friends to become an entrepreneur.

I created CONSCIOUSXCHANGE because I couldn't find a BIPOC coach or a business community of BIPOC entrepreneurs, especially ones that centered my values as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, & Belonging professional.

I wanted to be with people who understand what it's like to navigate running a business as a person of color with all the generational barriers as a immigrant or child of immigrants, and without anyone in their social circles to show them the ropes.

So in true Carissa fashion, when you can't find what you are looking for, you build it yourself.

Since starting my business, I've become a sought after public speaker charging 5-figures for my speaking engagements having spoken at organizations such as Calendly and Eventbrite.

Not seeing a lot of entrepreneurs who look like me and a need for more BIPOC coaches and consultants to share their stories and offer support from their lived experiences, I now teach other BIPOC entrepreneurs how to also start, grow, and scale their own businesses to $100k and beyond.

As a former Director of Operations as well as a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach, my experience spans across both the operations and human sides of business.

With my consulting hat, I help my clients build spreadsheets, systems, tools, and processes to help them run their businesses more smoothly. With my coaching hat, I also help my clients level up their mindset with EQ tools and practices to help them achieve their big audacious business and life goals.

I truly believe entrepreneurship is the path to liberation and my mission is help more BIPOC entrepreneurs design and create their own liberatory futures through building their own businesses.


Hi, I'm Tania Bhattacharyya

Like you, I fell in love with the roller coaster of making shift happen. Creating change in communities and fighting for social justice. Chipping away at the world’s most pressing problems by dreaming up visionary solutions. Not considering this “work” but rather, a deeper personal calling.

I also understand feeling stuck. And buried even deeper, a piercing fear that you are “not enough” to make your big vision a reality.

For twelve years, I served as marketer, fundraiser, and Executive Director for a women's healthcare nonprofit in Orange County, California. That’s where I realized “competition” is a myth. Our universe is abundant with donors, clients, ambassadors, and any type of audience you want to grow.

The real competitor is Noise. Distraction. A Chaotic World. The real challenge is obscurity and figuring out how to transform from a best kept secret to a go-to voice.

The solution is thought leadership branding. Abundantly sharing your lived experience, passion, and expertise to build trust with the right audience on the right topic. Becoming crystal clear on your niche to provide value and solutions with radical empathy. Strategically growing your community and attracting the needed resources to turn your cause into a movement.

And - I found LinkedIn is the BEST place to show up and stand out as you stand up for your mission.

I founded Lumos Marketing, a thought leadership consultancy serving socially impactful entrepreneurs. I offer personal brand messaging strategy for LinkedIn along with coaching to dismantle imposter thoughts. I also host the podcast The Campfire Circle which explores the idea of replacing the ‘boardroom table’ as the ultimate space of leadership with a campfire circle: a place to share our stories, build inclusive community, and spark visionary ideas.

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