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We are (e)xchanging all the time – our words, ideas, energy, time, talents, money, products, and services – imagine the ripple of impact we could have if we work together to exchange our current beliefs of what’s possible to include new, more expansive ones. We show each other that with a community who empowers you, it’s possible to do what you love, live boldly, and design new liberatory futures together.

What would happen if we interacted with one another and the world with more purpose and intention? What are you going to (e)xchange to make a positive change in your life and the lives of others?

(e)XCHANGE noun \ iks-ˈchānj\

:to part with for a substitute


Our 4 pillar approach helps keep us both activated in our purpose towards racial equity and grounded in intentional life design for individual and collective wellbeing.


We are more than just our jobs and believe a liberated life is one that is full, joyful, and balanced. Our wheel of life helps us determine how satisfied we feel in 7 aspects of life design.

1. Family/Friends: Feeling love, connection, & belonging w/ others 

2. Form: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health & wellbeing 

3. Function: Enjoying our work and how we contribute to our communities & society

4. Finances: Sustain our needs, satisfy our wants 

5. Fun: An abundance of joy, creativity, social activities, & pleasure 

6. Foundation: Security, safety in our home, & physical environments 

7. Flexibility: Time freedom to choose who, what, where, & how we spend it


To support the social, political, and economic advancement of racialized communities by helping BIPOC entrepreneurs launch and scale their own businesses and BIPOC professionals claim their seat at the table and lead from within.



Create spaces, offices, communities that are representative of our multicultural world. Diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, size, ability, class, etc.) is central to a thriving, multifaceted society and every voice deserves to be heard.


Cherish your connections. Family, friends and faith intersect when we prioritize kindness, collaboration and a love borne of understanding. We can truly accomplish anything without the help of others. Everything we do is better together.


Discover your own power and let life happen for you, not to you. Life presents us with opportunities, but it is the actions we take that matter - using our own power to ‘make it happen’.


Keep an open mind about the world and be an eternal learner. Not afraid to take risks, ask questions, explore new avenues for adventure, and embrace change.


Be unafraid to have the real and vulnerable conversations about who we are and what we need to succeed. Being open with ourselves and others, and allowing ourselves our truest self-expression is the real freedom.


Lead with giving. Core of our being is a mission and spirit of serving others. When we help others, we help ourselves.


Don’t forget to play. The mission may be serious, but we are not defined by work alone; a sense of humor, wonder and awe is essential to balance of mind, body and a full spirit.



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