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Representation matters. We support professionals of color to STAND UP and be seen, SPEAK UP and be heard, and STEP UP or STEP OFF the corporate ladder to be the leader or entrepreneur who actually makes a difference in the fight for racial equity. Activate your agency and either claim your seat at the table or build your own table and use your power and platform for good.

Design Your Life with Values & Purpose

People can easily name the values of their company; It’s written on their badges or on the office walls and serves as the guiding light with which companies make all their decisions. But when asked what their own values are, the answer I too often received is “I don’t know” or “I never stopped to think about it.” It’s no wonder to me, so many people are wasting away in unfulfilling jobs they hate or feeling lost and confused about what to do with their lives. Knowing our values is foundational to pursuing our purpose and having our own personal north star gives us a clear path to where we are going as we consciously choose careers and design lives we are proud of.

Co-creating Through Meaningful Connections & Authentic Networking

"I HATE NETWORKING." We've all had some negative experience at a networking event - dodging the pushy sales guy for refuge at the bar, contemplating our exit strategy to avoid another scripted elevator pitch, stuttering when asked the inevitable question "what do you do?", trying to muster the (liquid) courage to approach a stranger and say hi. It's no wonder why so many folkx would rather just not go. Most people “network” because they want to find a new job, land a new client, or make a new friend but so many folkx are terrible at doing so. As an extreme extrovert and master connector I help folkx reframe their ideas around networking and learn to build meaningful connections that feel genuine and authentic. Let’s talk about how to take the nervousness and stress out of networking by leading with giving, practicing active listening, and being confident in your purpose, starting with surrounding yourself with folkx who share your heart and values.

Developing Awareness & Empathy for Diverse Experiences with Emotional Intelligence

Some folkx may experience racism, bigotry, and discrimination as overt assaults, but more often folkx may experience offenses that are more subtle such as microagressions in the workplace. Even if well-intentioned, these experiences can be highly triggering whether we are experiencing them directly or as witnesses or even when listening to stories shared by others. Truly embracing diversity requires you to have empathy for other people and the ability and willingness to accept cultures, ideas, and realities that may be very different from your own.

In this workshop we will develop your emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships. You’ll learn how to enhance your self-awareness and expand your emotional vocabulary and capacity to articulate your feelings; how to identify your triggers; how to process your emotions and self-regulate; and how to have more empathy for others so you can proactively choose how you respond rather than react when experiencing a racial offense or when conversations around diversity and racism feel challenging.

Moving Towards Equity - Activating your Advocacy, Activism and Allyship

Achieving Racial Equity requires consistent and conscious action. Conversations about racism are inherently challenging and though we are being called forth to actively participate in these uncomfortable conversations, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is hard and it’s easy for us to stop showing up to do the work. So how do we build up this muscle so we can begin to see real change?

In this workshop, we will dig into what drives you to stand against racism and your personal reasons for standing up for social causes. Whether you are Asian identifying, a person of color, or a white ally, grounding yourself in your purpose and your why is foundational to becoming an anti-racist and a true advocate for racial equity. We’ll explore your personal stories and experiences, identify your skills and roles in the social change ecosystem, and develop your action plan so you can feel confident as you take the next steps in supporting your workplace, your family, your communities and most importantly, yourself.

Asian Americans & Leadership

Asian Americans experience a unique dynamic when it comes to leadership, different from other minorities. They are often stereotyped as inherently smart, hard-working, and successful “model minorities,” and are thus left out of discussions about discrimination in the workplace. Research shows that this identity group experiences a “bamboo ceiling” in the workplace and is disproportionately held back from leadership roles despite having statistically higher representation as professionals compared to other identities of color.

In this workshop, we will learn more about the model minority myth, the bamboo ceiling, research about Asians and leadership and ways current leadership can begin to close the leadership gap. Asian identifying employees will also learn how to bridge their western and eastern cultural experiences and develop their confidence with self-promotion, personal branding, and networking to become the best advocates for themselves.



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