Business Coaching

Business Coaching


It can be scary to walk away from your [false] security and cushy job to launch your own business – especially as a POC or 1st/ 2nd generation immigrant who doesn’t have a leg up or someone to model success and learn from, and who has been told all their lives to play it safe.

When folx try to start their own business, many get stuck for two reasons:

1) They have no idea what to do or where to even start or

2) They see there are a million things to do, are completely overwhelmed, and focus on the wrong things that don’t actually make them money.

We teach you what’s important so you can launch or relaunch your business in as little as three months. Take away the struggle and the uncertainty of what to do and how to do it by learning from mentors who look like you and have been where you are.




Purpose - Your Why

Product - What you do, what you offer, target clients, and pricing

Presence - Branding and positioning

Promotion - Marketing

Pitch - Sales

Process - Systems, Strategy, & Tools

Perseverance - Mindset shifts towards abundance, optimism, and possibilities and you build something new from scratch


“Carissa is a phenomenal human. She is kind, compassionate and understanding. She is always willing to help and sees beyond who you think you are. She provides guidance and listens to you wholeheartedly to help you to navigate your way. Carissa uses her vast amount of experience in diversity, authentic networking and relationship building, and working with POC in leadership, to help you define your purpose and design your own life. She is a shaker, a mover and most importantly, she has done it herself in her life. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her... She is life-changing!”


Director of Global Accounts

Elevated Meeting Solutions

“Carissa is not only super knowledgeable, but she gives actionable steps to follow and truly cares about her clients. I was working within larger agencies and dabbling in freelance on my own before working with Carissa but was not fully in control over my own business or purposeful path. Working with Carissa, I launched Erato Creative with a niche focus on fashion and music. I landed my first client in this new specific industry within one month. Now I feel ready and set up to pursue more particular brands that I really want as clients and look forward to expanding my scope and working with larger and larger brands.”


Founder & Creative Director

Erato Creative



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