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I created CONSCIOUSXCHANGE because I couldn't find a BIPOC coach who shared similar lived experiences as a person of color navigating business and who prioritized DEI values.

I know what it's like to be the FIRST, the ONLY, the OTHER and when you can’t find what you’re looking for, you create it yourself!

I want to help you launch your own coaching, consulting, or contracting online service based business. I'll help you generate your business’ initial momentum, and make your first $200, $2,000, $20,000, and beyond so you can prove to yourself that it's possible to succeed on your own terms.

Entrepreneurship is My Path to Liberation.

Coaching BIPOC Entrepreneurs is My Activism.

In working with aspiring, new, as well as established BIPOC entrepreneurs paired with my coaching philosophy, I found that the formula for a successful business all comes down to...



This formula works for entrepreneurs at

all different stages of business.

Stage 1: START

Going from: Employee to entrepreneur.

Annual Sales = $0

You are just starting your business and are taking all the free courses, going down the Google rabbit hole trying to piece it all together so that you can realize your dream of having more autonomy in your life.

Your primary challenge: Fear of leaving the [perceived] safety and security of your job

Stage 2: GROW

Going from: Side hustler to full-time entrepreneur.

Annual Sales < $100k

You are looking to grow your business to hit the $100k mark and consistently make $100k+ so you can prove to yourself that you can make your own money, replace your 6-figure salary, leave your toxic racist job and make sure you don’t have to go back and work for someone else. 

Your primary challenge: Making enough money consistently

Stage 3: SCALE

Going from: Solopreneur

to CEO.

Annual Sales > $100k

You are looking to scale beyond $100k to $250k to $500k and beyond and know that you need to establish better systems, start building a team, be a boss rather than an individual contributor to your business so you can take back your time and make more money with less stress and more ease. 

Your primary challenge: Letting go of control to get your time back.

Which stage are you in?

I work mostly with new entrepreneurs with 0-3 years of experience.

Depending on what stage you're at, we'll work on the different part of my roadmap.

My clients are usually starting from scratch, are pivoting into a new model, or are trying to level up from where the are currently at so they can make consistent $10k+ months and leave their 9-5.

"I Wish Someone Would Just Give Me The Roadmap"

Well, here you go...

The Roadmap

The WHAT to do and WHAT order to do it in

If I could go back and start over, this is what I would do.

Depending on what stage you're at, we'll work on the different part of my roadmap.

Here's How We Can Work Together

Individual Coaching

1:1 Coaching

6-month commitment

5-Figure Investment w/ payment plans available

Power Hour

If you're looking for advice on what you might need to start your own business, how to talk to your boss about your side hustle, or have any one off questions you'd like to ask Carissa about your current coaching, consulting, creative, or contracting online services/ freelance business then you can book a session with Carissa to get some clarity.

“Carissa is a phenomenal human. She is kind, compassionate and understanding. She is always willing to help and sees beyond who you think you are. She provides guidance and listens to you wholeheartedly to help you to navigate your way. Carissa uses her vast amount of experience in diversity, authentic networking and relationship building, and working with POC in leadership, to help you define your purpose and design your own life. She is a shaker, a mover and most importantly, she has done it herself in her life. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her... She is life-changing!”


Director of Global Accounts

Elevated Meeting Solutions

Carissa's energy, strategy, mentorship, and commitment to the community and her clients are like no other. She has a way of leaving you with critically conscious insight that motivates you to grow outside of your comfort zone. Through Carissa, I've honed in on my identity and grew a sense of self-worth that has made me stronger in my career as a WOC. I leave my sessions with Carissa with more clarity, passion, and direction to head one step closer to my goals. Overall, Carissa has motivated me to advocate for myself, be proud of my Filipino culture and upbringing, and confidently start my own coaching business. I highly recommend working with Carissa!



Arianna Laila Coaching


Leap to Liberation

A 6-month full suite, holistic group coaching program for BIPOC entrepreneurs that is designed to teach you how to develop your product suite, market your business, and sell your services so that you can create the foundations to build your business to your first $100k and beyond.

"After giving birth to my little one I knew it was now or never if I was going to start my business, but I had no idea where to start and trying to do it on my own want not working. I needed help! I am so grateful I found Carissa. I gravitate to her experience as a woman of color and her framework. Carissa pushed me and challenge me just as much as I needed. She provided guidance, advice and tools to figure out what I wanted to do with my business. Really developing my niche. She then worked with me on marketing my business. All the essentials as a new entrepreneur. I feel more confident in myself, in my offerings and the future of my business because of my work with her. She never sugar coated that it would be work, what she did do was believe in me and encourage me.”


Director of Global Accounts

Elevated Meeting Solutions

“Before starting coaching, I felt like I was trying a lot of things but not sure if it was working or if I should pivot. I didn't have someone that I could trust to be a sounding board. My main pain point was trying to figure out my signature product. I knew I needed a coach but I wasn't sure if a coach would understand my business. It was important for me to find a person that I could trust. Working with Carissa, I was finally able to create a signature product - my group program, Radical Rest. We also worked on solidfying upon my money-worth and mindset as well as understanding the power of a consistent narrative. Upon launching, I signed up 15 people to my sampler workshop and signed up 3 people to my high-ticket group program. Working with Carissa felt fun and safe. She keeps you accountable and is good for people who are early on in their business. I felt like I could trust her and I could be vulnerable without being judged.”


Founder & Creative Director

Erato Creative



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